You have arrived to the Blog!

Dear 6th Grade Class of 2017/2018~

This is a place to find out some fun information! I will post things here periodically. Below is a list of your classmates! I encourage you to begin praying for our wonderful school year and pray for your classmates. I will be excited to see all of you at our Orientation Day, August 21st at 10:15 am.

  1. Ember Aruffo
  2. Wes Barksdale
  3. Tia Boustani
  4. Riley Bramel
  5. Jacob Buboi
  6. Ryan Choi
  7. Dylan Delos Santos
  8. Devan Dobalian
  9. Ashley Dombrowski
  10. Abbi Dunn
  11. Matti Dunn
  12. Monique Gorgy
  13. Cassie Goulart
  14. Hudson Hallock
  15. Aiden Hannegan
  16. Karly Hemmeter
  17. Matthew Mai-Prasarnsuk
  18. Brian Marinescu
  19. Caitlyn Moffitt
  20. Nathan Ok
  21. Leila Perez
  22. Allison Pooley
  23. Ben Reiland
  24. Delaney Renaud
  25. CJ Stice
  26. Brenden Tom
  27. Jack Wilder

Weekly Reminders: August 26

We had a great first week!!! Here are a few reminders and updates:

  • ALL books must be covered by Monday! (We have brand new math & English books that we want to take especially good care of.)
  • Art Department volunteer informational meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 29 at 8:45-9:30. Meet in art room.
  • Back to School Night for 6th grade is 9/6 at 6:30 p.m. Meet in your child’s homeroom.
  • Opening worship & BBQ is Sunday, 9/11 at 10:30. 6th grade class will be singing .

Welcome to Sixth Grade 2016!!

We are so excited to see you all on orientation day, Monday, August 22 at 11 a.m.

Bring your supplies for a quick drop-off and we will walk down for school pictures all together.  Parents will meet with our principal, Mrs. Arldt, during this time.

You will also be getting your computers back this day. 🙂


Weekly Announcements: 5/31-6/3

Important dates for the next two weeks:

Thursday 6/2 – RC Quiz deadline

Friday 6/3 – Art & Music Night (Spring Musical)

Sunday 6/5 – Closing School Chapel @ 10:30

Monday 6/1 – SOAK CITY

Tuesday 6/2 – classroom clean -up (bring cleaning supplies and trash bag) Canes Lunch provided, final class Swap Meet (bring fun items to trade and sell) celebration of any summer birthdays!!

Wednesday 6/3 – CLOSING CHAPEL @10 am  LAST DAY OF SCHOOL – minimum day



Announcements for 5/23 – 5/27

Awesome job on your Country Projects!! What a nice visual display of our world! We are also having a “blast” in Science with so many end of the year labs and demonstrations. Please check our class Shutterfly account for some updated photos of your kids.

As the end of the year closes please check out the following dates and put them on your calendars…

  • Science Labs & Demos!!     put_this_on_calendar_clip_art-285x300
  • Sports Banquet – 5/25
  • Half Day – Teacher Meetings 5/27
  • No School – Memorial Day 5/30
  • Art – Music Day!! 6/3 (Our performance is at 7:00 pm)
  • Knott’s Soak City 6/6 (Wear bathing suit & cover up to school) Bring sunscreen, towel and extra $$ for those who want treats)
  • Reading Counts Party & Clean Up day – 6/7
  • Celebrate “Summer Birthday” Breakfast – last day of school 1/2 day 6/8
  • End of the year chapel & awards

Announcements for 5/16 – 5/20

We are nearing the end of 6th grade!! The last 3 1/2  weeks are full of some fun!! We will end science with a lot of fun demos that the kids have been asking to do all year!! Please help your child pick a lab or demonstration that they are excited about – topics will be chosen on Monday!!

  • Choose Science labs/demonstrations!! – 5/16keep-calm-summer-is-almost-here-5
  • Science demos can begin!! – 5/18
  • Country – History Projects due 5/20
  • Sports Banquet – 5/25
  • Half Day – Teacher Meetings 5/27
  • No School – Memorial Day 5/30
  • Art – Music Day!! 6/3
  • Knott’s Soak City 6/6
  • Reading Counts Party & Clean Up day – 6/7
  • Celebrate “Summer Birthday” Breakfast – last day of school 1/2 day 6/8

Announcements for 5/9-5/13

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our students’ moms!!! We hope you had a wonderful day being loved and honored! 🙂

We have a busy week this week. Country Reports will be due on Thursday. Students are required to come with 2 copies of their complete report printed.  Next Friday (5/20) is the due date for the Country Project (food is optional.)

This Friday we are excited to have a guest teacher……Mr. Gabe Tetrault!!!  Gabe will be providing some instruction for both classes and is planning some fun and educational activities for the day. More information to come this week. Let’s support him in making this a wonderful day for all in sixth grade.