Student Survey…

We will take this in class on Friday, but if you see it at home – you can take this ahead of time!

student survey


Thanks for the prayers!

I wanted to thank everyone for the prayers, phone calls, and emails. I am doing fine and am glad to be out of the hospital. I was taken by paramedics from school because of the numbness and tingling sensation down my left arm and then the nausea and feeling faint had them concerned. The doctors did a ton of tests and kept me overnight to make sure my heart is totally fine! Yea! I probably have some kind of pinched nerve causing my arm to feel weird and the nausea/feeling faint was a result of dehydration and my blood pressure was really low. The hospital gave me 3 bags of IV fluids and I will be ready to teach you all next week. They wanted me to take a day to rest. Sorry to have scared you, by leaving that way – you are a great class and wonderful group of kids – thanks for all the love!

Thank – You!

Thank you for a wonderful teacher appreciation “week”. Walking into my classroom with your smiling faces  “hanging the sunshine” was a great way to start the week. I have loved all the fun “beach” items and will definitely use them! The many words, flowers, and love was really uplifting. Thanks to the many moms for the lunches, help, decorations, and root beer party! Thanks sis for organizing it!