Happy Thursday

Tonight’s homework is now on the homework page. To see your Reading and English, please go to Mrs. Mengert’s Blog.

Great First Day!!

OK this class is wonderful!! What a great group of kids, respectful, smart and funny! We are having a great first day. Thanks for being to school on time, ready to go. A few kids are having battery issues on the computers, and we will be getting new ones for them. Here are a few things the students need to remember for homework. I am listing them here today, but normally all homework will appear on the homework page. There is a lot here, and we will be working through computer issues so due dates for computer items will be flexible.

    1. Parents sign & return Computer Guidelines and Code of Conduct Paper
    2. Parents should read through student manual (we read through it in class today)
    3. Finish Beyond Imagination Picture (Christian Living) due Thursday 8/28
    4. Print off Schedule if your child wants one ( at times we will be using a block schedule) That means we might have math every other day opposite science to allow for longer teaching/learning times.
    5. Print off & return Pet Permission Slip only if your child wants to take home a classroom pet.
    6. Memory Ephesians 3:20-21 (due Friday 9/5) All memory for the year is on blog…
    7. Spelling Unit 1 (due 9/4)
    8. Work on Summer Essay (due Friday 8/29) We will print these at school…
    9. Work on Comic Life (All About Me) Due Wed. 9/3 We will print these at school….
    10. Charge your battery and get a good night sleep!!

      School Is Almost Here!!


      It was fun to see many of you yesterday! For those of you who attended the 9:00 am session to pick up computers, I am sorry if I missed you…
      If you still want to put your school supplies in your desk before Wednesday, I will be on campus Tuesday morning while the younger grades start school. You are free to come in and get yourself situated that morning as well.
      Hopefully you are having some fun on your new laptop and experimenting with it. If you are having trouble finding the photo booth to take pictures here are few steps to find it.
      1. Go to Go
      2. Click on Applications and many things will show up that your computer has on it. (A fun place to look). Scroll down to the photo booth icon and click on it. If you want in in your doc, then drag the icon down to the doc and it should stay there. Take some fun pictures around your house!
      My room moms this year are Mrs. Stumme and Mrs. Abel and we will be meeting to set up some fun events for you this year. We will keep you posted on upcoming “fun times”. Also thank you for the donations for our reading center…it is coming along quite well and I think you will find it cozy!