Announcements for this week!!

It is our last week of Advent Angels and we look forward to sharing our last gift on Friday at our brunch party. If you forgot your Angel last week make sure you “double up” this week. We also will still be collecting beanie babies and books for our Christmas drive.

Wow – your performance tonight was great! The real meaning of Christmas was definitely shared and you did a wonderful job. Way to go!

I know we only have 4 1/2 days to go, with book reports, tests and the chance of rain – HELP!!. Hold on – you are doing a wonderful job and you will definitely enjoy your well deserved vacation!


Science Announcement

Please bring a plastic or regular spoon & hand size towel to class Thursday. We will be doing a fun activity with heat transfer!!

Announcements 12/8

This time of the year is so exciting!! The kids are having a fun time with Advent Angels – thanks andimages remember them again this week. This is our second week of Advent – focusing on PEACE – May you all find true peace as we hectically prepare for this joyous season.

Our party is scheduled for 12/19 around 9:00 with a brunch – hopefully you all received an email from our room moms.

Our Christmas Musical is next Sunday 12/14 at 7:00 pm – make sure to mark your calendars!

Advent Angels & Gift Giving

Dear 6th grade parents:

Our class has elected to have secret pals for the Advent season this year.  We are calling them “Advent Angels.”  We think this will add to the excitement and fun of this special season.

There are certain guidelines, however, that we are asking each student to follow (to ensure that this is fair for everyone involved).  Once a student receives the name of their Advent Angel, they can begin delivering secret notes or cards to that person.  It would be nice if the notes included encouragement, well-wishes, and Bible verses.  They could also include clues or riddles to their identity.  We would like to limit the gift giving to 3 very small gifts for a total cost not to exceed $10.  We ask that your child bring one tiny gift per week in Advent (12/1 – 12/5, 12/8– 12/12).  The final gift will be delivered during our class Christmas brunch (12/19).  The students will reveal themselves at this time (hopefully it’ll still be a secret)!

We want to stress the fact that the gifts should be fun, simple and very small.  Here are some ideas: keychains, mini Nerf ball, mini stuffed animal, Chap stick/lip gloss, Frisbee, slinky, pencils, pens, other “fun” school supplies, or Christmas items.

We have also chosen to do a “Beanies and Books” drive for the season.  After our visit to Juvenile and Dependency Court, we realized how special a small Beanie Baby or book can be to a young child whose parents are involved in a court case. Judge Lee explained how these toys and books do make a difference in lives of children facing very uncertain futures.  We are asking for the 6th graders to consider bringing in a new Beanie Baby (or other small stuffed animal) or a book to help supply these courtrooms.  These will be collected under our class trees and presented before Christmas.

If you have any questions regarding the “Advent Angels” or “Beanies and Books”, please drop us an email.

Have a blessed Christmas season!

Mrs. Marquardt and Mrs. Mengert