Outdoor Ed Photos!!

We have uploaded about 155 pictures for your viewing and ordering on Shutterfly – we are going to try to upload more!! Mrs. Abel took about 231…thank you so much!!

Salem had created a private site so click on the link and feel free to order any you want – you will find ours under 6th grade outdoor ed..

Shutterfly Photo Link


Welcome Back Campers!!

We had a wonderful time up in the mountains and the kids were awesome! I believe each student came back sdsc_0960piritually changed! God was present and working in our kids and I am so proud and honored to be their teacher! A huge thank you to the chaperones – they were the best!

I hope you had a chance to share all the fun stories. Many photos will be shared when we get them all, but here is a fun group one! We have about 6 weeks left of school and a lot still to accomplish. Take a look at the blog, upcoming tests, projects and keep up with your country report and project.

4/6 – 4/10

Wow! We have made it to the 4th quarter – time flies when you are having Fun!!

The kids are all very excited for outdoor ed. and we will be having a chaperone meeting Monday night 4/6 –  at 7 pm to finalize the trip. I will be putting any last minute reminders on my blog, so feel free to check it over spring break. Remember we leave Monday the 20th!

As we enter Holy Week today with Palm Sunday may we take time to truly reflect on Christ’s journey to the cross.images