Announcements for 4/30 – 5/4

We are on the last leg of the school year and it will go by very quickly. Plan ahead! This week we will be kicking off your Science Disaster project and Rome project. Have I mentioned how wonderful a year it has been? You guys are the best! Thanks for all your hard work…Also thanks to Emily Bradley for planning and organizing a fun Friday last week!

Monday- Kick off Science Disaster Project – Get your creative mind ready!

Tuesday – Math Chapter 8 test

Wednesday – May 2nd (Earth Movie Field Trip) & Aubrie’s Birthday!! You are welcome to bring her a homemade card and treat. Kick off Rome Project.

Thursday – May 10th (His Little Feet Chapel) – Crazy Sock Day $2

Friday – May 18th (Field Day)

Sunday – June 3rd (Art Music Day)

Monday – June 4th Knott’s Soak City


Announcements for 4/23 – 4/27

Monday – Please turn in all Permission Slips (Trip to Emily’s House, Earth Day Movie & Knott’s Soak City) Parents who want to attend movie or Knott’s please turn in your money with slips. We will need drivers for both trips – even if you can drop off and pick up, we would be very grateful.

Tuesday – Thursday – (Science Fair set up in the gym) Come and look at all the wonderful displays.

Friday – Miss Emily Bradley is Teacher for the Day!! Free dress, field trip and pack a sack lunch!!

Upcoming events:

Wednesday – May 2nd (Earth Movie Field Trip)

Thursday – May 10th (His Little Feet Chapel)

Friday – May 18th (Field Day)

Monday – June 4th Knott’s Soak City

Announcements for 4/16 – 4/20

Welcome back after a wonderful Easter Break!! We have some exciting news as we welcome once again a new student to Salem. Tomorrow Alyssa Koval will be joining Mrs. Marquardt’s class, so please give her a warm Salem welcome.

This week will be busy!! As we will be off block scheduling for a few days, so expect some math and science every day… Sorry.

4/17 – Make sure you have your favorite Christian song on your computer. We will be doing a fun Religion activity with them.

4/19 – Science Boards are due!! With presentations in class. Make sure you check over your board and include all information. Don’t forget the conclusion. All information is on the blog for you to look at.