Announcements for 8/27 – 8/31

Well we made it through our first 2 days! Now a full week of school and the schedule will be quite busy. Stay on top of your homework and use this blog to keep yourself organized!! See you bright and early!

Hope you had a great weekend!


ALOHA! Welcome to 6th Grade!!

This site will be an important place to begin looking around.

You will learnabout all the pages and places to find important information. I hope you have received your emailed school letter welcoming you into my classroom and listed below are your classmates this year. I encourage you to begin praying for your friends as we will become one big happy family. Enjoy your last few days of summer and I hope to see you all August 21st! Bring your school supplies and get settled.

  1.    Emma Baker
  2.    Katie Beckman
  3.    Brynna Brainard
  4.    Emily Broughton
  5.    Jasmine Crandall
  6.    Owen Garrett
  7.    Macade Hansen
  8.    Ben Iverson
  9.    Eva Izing
  10.   Sam Krochman
  11.   Kieran Lang
  12.   Michael Mains
  13.   Matthew Pacholl
  14.   Hannah Phillip
  15.   Alyssa Quinn
  16.   Luke Reissmueller
  17.   Olivia Rodriguez
  18.   Sebastian Thierjung
  19.   Jack Threshie
  20.   Angelina Vertucci
  21.   Grant Yarbrough