Announcements for 6/3 – 6/6

Well we have officially made it to the last week of the school year! Well done 6th grade. I am so proud of how much you have grown and  thankful for the fun times we have had together!  summer-is-here-beach-ball-550x320

6/2 – Today is  Art Music Day – our Musical is at 4:00 – meet in the church at 3:45 – Make sure to stop by the classroom &  take all your art work home!!

6/3 – Knott’s Soak City Getaway!- leave Salem @ 9:15 (bring $$, sunscreen, towel, flip flops, shirt or cover-up) we will return back to Salem by big circle. Parking for drivers is $15.

6/4 – Cleaning Day – In N Out BBQ & Student Recognition Night @ 7:00 pm –  (Bring a big back and cleaning supplies for your desk and cubbie)

6/5 – RC Fiesta Party & lunch – 8th grade graduation @ 5:00pm

6/6 – Summer Birthday Celebration in the morning – Chapel at 10:15 am and then School it out! Closing party at the Threshie house after school. $5 for lunch.