You have arrived to the Blog!

Dear 6th Grade Class of 2017/2018~

This is a place to find out some fun information! I will post things here periodically. Below is a list of your classmates! I encourage you to begin praying for our wonderful school year and pray for your classmates. I will be excited to see all of you at our Orientation Day, August 21st at 10:15 am.

  1. Ember Aruffo
  2. Wes Barksdale
  3. Tia Boustani
  4. Riley Bramel
  5. Jacob Buboi
  6. Ryan Choi
  7. Dylan Delos Santos
  8. Devan Dobalian
  9. Ashley Dombrowski
  10. Abbi Dunn
  11. Matti Dunn
  12. Monique Gorgy
  13. Cassie Goulart
  14. Hudson Hallock
  15. Aiden Hannegan
  16. Karly Hemmeter
  17. Matthew Mai-Prasarnsuk
  18. Brian Marinescu
  19. Caitlyn Moffitt
  20. Nathan Ok
  21. Leila Perez
  22. Allison Pooley
  23. Ben Reiland
  24. Delaney Renaud
  25. CJ Stice
  26. Brenden Tom
  27. Jack Wilder